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Neil Sullivan
3 months ago

Great to hear ORS still going strong after a good number of years now! Hopefully you are still getting new old shows still! Thanks 👍

Bill. Oxford. Uk.
4 months ago

Continue to enjoy ORS . Appreciation to all responsible. Golden days when radio was exciting .

John, North Yorkshire UK
9 months ago

I absolutely love ORS and I have been listening for a few weeks now to the stream on Radio Box. It brings back a lot of memories and nostallgia, which is very much needed, so thank you.

Pete Hits
a year ago

Luister ALTIJD op de zondag om 12 en 16 uur naar fragmenten OffshoreRadio

Patrick Koning
a year ago

Ik zou jullie graag toevoegen aan de apps van radioNED. Als dat oké is dan ontvang ik graag de benodigde informatie via https://app.radioned.nl/aanmelden

Roland Visser
2 years ago

Discover your radio station for the first time today! This tastes like more! Delicious! Thank you for making this possible! By the way, An easy method to listen is this link: https://internetradiouk.com/offshore-sounds/ :-)

2 years ago

Now on ORS the Jenny Baynton broadcasting untill 18:00 hour

Bill, Oxford. Uk
2 years ago

Love your station. Appreciation to those responsible. Been a daily listener for a couple of years. Miss your station when your off air .

2 years ago

Hello, With the new site I have difficulty to listen to your radioshows of the Zeezenders.
I'm dutch and living, now in France.
And like to hear your radioshows.
Can you please let me know how to proceed. Many thanks in advance. Ps Sorry for my bad english, doing my best. Doei, Paull

Neil Sullivan
2 years ago

Listening to Laser558 & hot hits ❤️

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